Atelier Sam Ponette
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Projects on Demand.

You can ask me anything...
almost that is, but frankly:

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Yes, I also make furniture. From rescued wood. This means that making large, uniform, furniture is a tall order.. But by all means, ask away! 

I will always answer, no worries. Never with a plain "no" by the way. Usually with a "Allrighty, let's go!", and sometimes with a referral to another awesome maker.



I specialise in heirlooms. As a designer-maker, I strive to go above and beyond. For real.

Where others stop, I start. Full option is where i begin, every object made deserves this kind of attention. For me this is the only road to an heirloom. So do not hesitate to contact me for a bespoke object, however 'plain' you think it is. Quality is key.


Bicycle bling!

Add some flair to your ride! 

Whether it is a custom cargo bay, head light or...I got you covered!

And yes, in my world, adding fishbone/herringbone parquet to a bike is normal.