Atelier Sam Ponette
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They are timeless and wicked fast.
They are also a little nostalgic..
The perfect company for dreamy daredevils.


The Ottkar project consists out of a series of different models, inspired by the golden age of racecar driving, the 1930's.

Every series is limited to a maximum of 50 copies ever made.

Every model within the Ottokar stables oozes the vibe of the early days of racing cars, back in the 30's, and pay hommage to the legendary rides of that time.


Your ride, your style

Every Ottokar can be customized to suit your driving style. There are several finishing options available for you to choose from:

- For the driver's helmet you can choose between a highgloss finish, a matte transparant finish, goldleaf, ...

- On the side of your new ride, you can opt between your name, someone elses name, a (company) logo, ... basically any picture, as long as it fits the Ottokar's style. Finishing wise there are several options, which will be discussed after your order placement.

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KVDS-20170616-205741-NIKON D5.jpg

A lifetime companion

Designed for ALL children, small and big, Ottokar has an educational mission about reuse and sustainability. For this generation and the next, Ottokar will make for a great companion and who knows... a family heirloom?

Every Ottokar is built to play, built to last. 

Each Ottokar is built with the utmost care and finished with a beeswax finish. This results in a beautiful warm glow and as a bonus: it's safe for kids!

Prices start at 75€, without options.